Lab Products & Services

LT Microsart 3422 RGB

Microbial Control

Microbial enumeration, membrane filtration, culture media, air monitoring. arrow orange

Sartorius 0121 PG5

Sterility Testing

Sterisart® sterility testing pump and consumables; Sterility testing culture media. arrow orange

Lab Water systems

Lab Water Systems

Type I, II, III and combined lab water systems, consumables and services. arrow orange

Culture Media

Culture Media

Ready-to-use and dehydrated culture media.arrow orange

Food sample preparation

Food sample preparation

Automated food sample diluters, blenders / smashers.arrow orange

LT Minisart 1505

Lab Filtration

Pharma Project Management with in-depth engineering technology expertise. arrow orange

Rapid Microbial detection

Rapid Microbial Detection

Automated real-time microbial detection and enumeration.arrow orange

Microbial identification

Microbial Identification & genotyping

Accurate identifications for a wide range of organisms from environmental sources. arrow orange

Automated Culture Media Pre

Automated Culture media preparation

Automated culture media preparation and filling systems.arrow orange

Pharmaceutical Safety Isola

Pharmaceutical Safety Isolator

State-of-the-art system for aseptic and aseptic-toxic applications.arrow orange

Chromatography columns

Chromatography columns

Chromatography columns and accessories.arrow orange

FeT BiostatA 4198

Fermentation & Cell Culture

Pharma Project Management with in-depth engineering technology expertise.arrow orange