About us:

Since its founding Hemtek lab d.o.o. cooperates exclusively with the world’s leading innovative companies in the field of industrial quality control equipment and industrial production process systems. Today, Hemtek lab is qualified supplier and partner to all pharmaceutical companies as well as to vast majority of life science institutes, food and beverage producers in Serbia. In recent years, with several foreign partners Hemtek lab expanded cooperation at regional level.


We are reliable supplying partner in the field of industrial production and quality control equipment. We actively monitor the latest development of technologies and provide our customers with comprehesive transfer and implementation of newest solutions. We want to enable industrial manufacturers to produce and control its products in a fast, cost-effective and efficient manner so that they can meet highest quality and safety standards in satisfying consumers’ demands.


We want to become unique supplier by offering a complete comprehensive program for industrial manufacturers in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries, which would include both production systems and adequate solutions for quality control.